A fall to heaven - from melancholy to nostalgia.

Witness the journey of a little girl through the images of a simulated world. In her search for the great and true image, she will come to discover everything is but a copy of a copy forever projected on the skyline of our culture. The film becomes a mitosis of images and beliefs, which separate and multiply. It reveals the sinister performance of the “limit beings,” who lose equilibrium at the edges of a map filled with empty signs and fallen myths.


Alvaro Díaz-Palacios debut short film is a Spanish/Portuguese co production presented by filmmaker CARLOS SAURA and SONJA UMSTÄTTER, personal assistant of WIM WENDERS (Oscar Award nominated and president of the European Film Academy, EFA).  This 22 minutes piece is an out of the box, brave movie written, directed and produced by Álvaro Díaz-Palacios. In addition with Begoña Olavarrieta was also the Production Designer and the Art Director.



At the young age of 25, Díaz-Palacios led the 150-person production crew to various locations all over Spain and Portugal. One famous location was the National Palace of Queluz, in Sintra, main residence of the members of the House of Braganza, the Portuguese royal family. The palace is known as the Portuguese Versailles, it is a worldwide ROCOCÓ style and reference of the palatal architecture of the XVIII century.


Another unique location was the "Casa KESLER", by the architect ALBERTO MORELL SIXTO, a pristine example of contemporary architecture. Awarded with the LUIGI COSENZA PRIZE, in 2003, (prize to the best European house.


The crew also had the opportunity to shot in the hangar of The ART MADRID FAIR, home to the annual international art fair of Spain. Here the scenes of the  “empty art fair” were shot. The facilities of the MUSEO DEL TRAJE in Madrid were also used in this project.



Among many other talented actors, actresses, dancers or visual artists performing in the movie we meniton:

Eulalia Ramón (Barcelona, ​​1959): Catalan actress and photographer, who has worked with the most important Spanish directors such as: Fernando Fernán Gómez, Montxo Armendáriz (Alou letters, Concha de Oro at the San Sebastíán Festival), Pilar Miró, Carlos Saura, etc. She also performs protagonist roles in TV series and the prestigious miniseries of the American chain ABC: Harem, directed by Billy Hale. She incarnates in Mythosis the role of "TREE OF SCIENCE" ("tree of science")


Miriam Martín (Madrid, 2001): "the girl," protagonist of Mythosis. She has worked since childhood as a child model for important clothing brands international campaigns such as Zara or H&M, and for advertising agencies. Already as a teenager she has taken part in 9 shorts. With a prize for the best performance in the XVII edition of the Short Squad Competition of La Guardia-Rioja Alavesa, for his performance in the short film "Dulce" by Iván Ruiz Flores. And awarded movies such as "HIERRO" or “VERBO” of Eduardo Chapero Jackson.


Juana Acosta (Colombia, 1976): Actress who has participated in numerous TV series for South America and Spain. She has also starred in TV movies, with very high ratings. She continues her work in film and television and extends his performances to France, Italy and the United Kingdom. She starred in the film ANNA, nominated for the Goya Awards for the best Ibero-American film in 2017. Participate in the scenes of "Porch house" Mythosis.


Alfonso Sánchez Fernández (Sevilla, 1978): Actor, script writer and awarded Spanish filmmaker. In 2012 he performed in the film "Grupo 7", which won 16 nominations in 2013 at the GOYA Awards (the Goya Awards are the highest distinctions of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - the Spanish "Oscars"). He participated as an actor, screenwriter and director in the film "El Mundo es Nuestro", released in June 2012, for which he won the prize for best actor at the Málaga Film Festival and the director of revelation granted by the Cinematographic Writers Circle. Participate in the scenes of "Porch house", Mythosis.


Paloma Bloyd (Chicago, Illinois): Actress appearing during the “empty art fair” scenes, Mythosis. She lives and studies in USA, and when she finishes her studies in Psychology, she begins to take courses of dramatic art in the Actors' Studio of Chicago, participating in diverse plays. In Spain, he works in several films among which stand out: There will be no peace for the villains (2011) by Enrique Urbizu and Litle Galicia (2015) by Alber Ponte. Among the TV series that she performs are Águila Roja (2011-present) and BORGIA (2013) ... where she stands out in her starring role as Princess Carlotta de Aragón. In total she has worked on 12 Spanish television series (TVE) and Canal + (FRANCE), co worked with actors such as Bruce Willis between 2009 and 2017.


Dann Vervoort.- First Dancer soloist of the National Dance Company (CDN) of Spain under the direction of Nacho Duato. He stands out in his role as Don José in the work CARMEN of the choreographer Johan Inger (Benois Award for Dance 2016 (considered the Oscar of the dance), in the Moscow Bolshoi Theater. Protagonist in "The Raft of the Medusa", Mythosis.


As a reference or wink to the world of art, among the participants in the scenes of "Porch house" are some of the YOUNG MOST REMARKABLE VISUAL ARTISTS in Europe renowned at the moment:


Santiago Ydañez. (Jaén, 1969): Studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and has held workshops with JUAN GENOVÉS. He won among others the Prize for Painting ABC in 2002 and Prize for Painting Generation 2002 of Caja Madrid, the Scholarship of the College of Spain in Paris of the Ministry of Culture in 2001 and the Grant of the Marcelino Botín Foundation in 1998. He has exhibited his latest works In the most important art galleries of the world such as Soledad Lorenzo.


ElTono (Paris, 1975): Urban Artist. He studied fine arts in Saint Denis, France. In almost all his works for galleries and artistic events in private spaces he has had as a priority some kind of bridge between the interior and the exterior. He has taught his work in museums and galleries of renown as: The Miró Foundation in Barcelona or the Artium in Vitoria. Highlighting his exhibition Street Art. In the TATE Moderm gallery of London.


Phillipp Fröhlich (Schweinfurt, Germany, 1975): Plastic Artist. His work is characterized by a very elaborate process until he reaches the finished painting. His paintings are marketed by two of the best and most important galleries in Spain: Soledad Lorenzo and Juana de Aizpuru. Since 2016 Lives and works in Brussels / Belgium.


Santiago Giralda Sato. (Madrid, 1980): His works have been exhibited in Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Spain. He has been awarded in numerous contests, among which are the Caja Madrid Generation Prizes (2013 and 2008), Plastic Arts Circuits Community of Madrid (2012), TENTACIONES (2010), BANCAJA PRIZE (2009), INJUVE , Prize of Painting BMW (2006) and X Contest of Painting Virgen de las Viñas (2011).


Daniel Silvo (Cádiz, 1982): He has lived and developed his work in Berlin (Universität der Künste), Aix-en-Provence (Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes), Bilbao, Madrid, Cuba, Utrecht-Holland (IMPAKT Foundation) and San Luis Potosí- The Center for Art and New Technologies). She has participated in collective exhibitions in international centers such as the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, the Foundation Cartier Paris, Laznia Center in Gdansk, among many others, and has exhibited individually in the galleries Isabel Hurley, Marta Cervera, Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico City or the École Superieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence, France. In 2014, he obtained the BBVA Scholarship for video creation.





Lois Patiño Lamas (Vigo, 1983) is a filmmaker and artist living in Madrid.

AWARDS: San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award - Short Narrative (USA) 2016. Riviera Maya FF - First Prize Co-production Forum (MEXICO) 2015. Locarno Festival (SWITZERLAND). Award for best director of the section "Cinestas del presente", for the documentary 'Costa da Morte', 2013.



Paloma Polo Carreño (Madrid, 1983). He graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Lives and works in: Amsterdam.

Individual exhibition: "Apparent position", NATIONAL MUSEUM CENTER OF ART REINA SOFÍA, MNCARS, Madrid (2012); Prize Generation 2011 (Caja Madrid Art Awards and Grants).



Able & Baker Studios, highlighting the work of:

Daniel Alejo: Digital Composer at Double Negative, for VFX and animation movies such as Mars with Matt Damon or Star Wars, Lighting TD. Oscar nomination - Best Animated Short Film: "The Lady and the Reaper" (2010), Goya nomination - Best Animated Short film: "The Lady and the Reaper" ); and Carlos A. Tschuschke: Creative & C.G. Director, (Co-founder of Able & Baker). Modeling, Lighting and Shading specialist.


Eduardo Iglesias: roto artist and Composer VFX - Formed at Escape Studios (London, UK). He works at El Ranchito, Twin Pines and Able & Baker, from the world of Entertainment and Animation. Some of his works are: "Game of Thrones, S06E05 & S06E06". TV Series. Composer (2016), "A monster comes to see me" (JA Bayona). Feature film. Composer (2015).



Gonzalo Díaz-Palacios and Sisternes: CGI Senior Artist, Seriously Digital Entertainment (Helsinki, 2017-2016), CGI Supervisor Rovio Entertainment Ltd. (Espoo, Finland 2016-2014): Angry Birds Stella Tales (TV Series).



Fran Fernández-Pardo: Director of Photography. The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table (2013) directed by Laura Alvea, Jose F. Ortuño, Short Films: Audience Award (Silver Biznaga) - Málaga Spanish Film Festival (2014).


STAGE PHOTO OF MYTHOSIS, by renowned photographers such as:

Jorge Fuembuena: photographer. Lives and works in Madrid and Nantes (France).


Arles Voies Off 2015 International Festival of Photography (France), or the International Festival of Photography Pingyao 2015 (China) curated by Moritz Neümuller. Selected in the Austro Sino Arts Program project exhibition 2012 (Beijing, China), his work is shown in Biennials such as Fotoseptiembre 2011 (CCEMEX. Mexico D.F), Fotonoviembre 2011 (Mapfre Foundation, Tenerife), the Casablanca Biennale 2012, the V Contemporary Art Biennale ONCE Foundation or the Photo Biennale 2016 in the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Greece).


Falkwyn de Goyeneche: photography and independent filmmaking. Falkwyn does freelance photographic work for, documentary, fashion, commercial and editorial type projects, as well as crew of renewed filmmakers such as Pedro Almodovar.


Amaya Hernández: Visual Artist and University Teacher. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Numerous prizes and scholarships of Photography and Plastic Arts, among them: XXV Edition of Circuits of Plastic Arts 2014; Young Art Contest Pancho Cossío, 2013 and Generations of Caja Madrid 2012. With a record of Individual and collective exhibitions in Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, Cantabria, and Moscow.


Pepe Matute: He worked for many years as a Photographer for National Geographic.



Miguel Calvo "MAIKI": sound: designer and supervising sound editor, Mythosis, 2017. Animatic sound editor in Planet 51 (2009), animated film produced by Ilion Animation Studios. GOYA AWARDS: Best Animated Film (2010).


Jacobo Blasco: Senior Software Engineer at VTS (2015 - Present) -VTS, Inc. Illinois Institute of Technology- Brooklyn, New York. Software Engineer (2011-2015), Case Commons, Inc. New York, USA.



Tomás Virgos (Madrid, Spain), Futurecop! (UK) & Aliving Soundtrack (New Orleans, USA): Jennifer Gossel and Matt Aguiluz among other skilled musicians designed, composed and recorded the soundtrack for the movie in the company of its director.


It was counted on the Co-Production of LA ZANFOÑA Productions S.L. (Sevilla, Spain) in charge of the color grading, Producer (with Atypical Films, Sacromonte Films, TVE, Canal + España, etc.) from the film Grupo 7, with 16 nominations for the GOYA Awards (2013), winner of 2 awards.

To all of them, and to those others not mentioned here, thanks.


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